The BERADINO is a classic car  -  but not really ...
Everything is different with the BERADINO !
The BERADINO was certified roadworthy in 1975.
Actually, it is a classic car. However, real classic cars are historical grounded constructions. When the owners are engaged in their projects, it’s mostly about conservation of value and authenticity.

Not with the BERADINO !
The owner -as well the builder of the car- has a completely different view. Permanently he has ideas to improve or to modify details.  The builder names it "facelifts", as well as it happens in "normal" automotive development.
When about 40 years later  small modifications are done the car "lives" - the perception was born : > Living Project <

The permanent "Facelifts",  even 40 years after its MOT approval, make the BERADINO different from the typical classic cars

And what means "authenticity"
   when you have a  single copy ? ...
But there are not only details, NO !   -   
On top of them, the builder has another very special vision of BERADINO’s continuation ...

With the BERADINO it's easy to have visions  -  the project is a real vision maker ...
The builder's first vision became a reality with the BERADINO.

When people get to know that he realized his dream of an own supercar, they say:

> This BERADINO could be MY Dreamcar, too ! <
And this question follows immediately :

> Do you think about        
a series production ? <

Of course, he does ! – And he did so a long time before people started keeping on and on.
And exactly, people have the efficient key of success:

> Please, don't stop dreaming ! <

The builder is a real automotive engineer -
Of course, he doesn't !

YES !  - it could look like this !
Certainly,  he knows very well, he will not be able to realize this dream by himself, like he could realize his first dream.
Therefore he is looking for somebody infected by the BERADINO, so that he/she starts dreaming, ... equally like BERADINO's builder did many years ago. 
In addition to plenty of heart's blood this “someone” needs an enormous amount of money. Finally, he/she will acquire the complete project,
the BERADINO and all plans of the New BERADINO ...
      ... the opportunity to live HIS/HER dream with the new one ...

You see, now BERADINO's builder has a second vision ...
Finally, it is the vision of a NEW BERADINO ... with forward looking technology under the unique timeless  body of the BERADINO, ... surely.

In fact, his vision now is to find someone to take the BERADINO
and to adopt his second DREAM ...

For himself it would be reality enough to see how this "someone" lets a New ONE come into life ...
... equally outstanding like its reference, the "Original BERADINO" ... 

Carry BERADINO's Spirit into the Future !
Feel free to have a look at this Video
or better :  ... to have a look at this Website :

Make the NEW BERADINO PROJECT your Project ! 
and YOU will live YOUR DREAM !

Most certainly :  At the end there will be a great reward for the long effort :

a fantastic NEW BERADINO ! ...
... with all features you imagine ...
... with the power train you want ...

... and maybe, you will be inspired by my proposal ...
... like I was inspired by the many super cars of the 1960s, more than 50 years ago ...

YOU will be the one to continue BERADINO's fantastic Story !

Are you infected ?
Let us discuss possibilities to shape YOUR DREAM ! ! !
-  -

Maybe, this new vision will remain a vision ...
... unless it meets the one who likes it so much that he/she will adopt it ... effectively ...

-  while there's life, there's hope  -

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