Many times a special solution needs established components ...
In automotive constructions frame and technology are most important.

The BERADINO was designed and developed in the 1960s, for  a self made car there were only a few technical  options.

BERADINO's technical features were carried out with the German TÜV ( MoT ) .
Everything that was  state of the art at that time was fully incorporated. 

In detail:

Box section-steel pipe frame with anti-roll bar
Customized front wind screen and side windows
The brakes, electronics and steering
as well as
the Flat-6-cyl.-engine
were modeled on a very well known contemporary German sports car brand *)
3-part racing rims *) 

*) for trade mark reasons the manufacturer in question is not named. 

     Length :  4000 mm
     Width :    1720 mm
     Height :   1040 mm

Rimwidth / Tyre Size

     Front :   7" / 205/60 R 15
     Rear :     8" / 225/55 R 15

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