Magic Moments !  -  Just watch out ,  the BERADINO will infect you ! ...
The BERADINO lets run high people's emotions like no other car. It catches the admirer’s heart when it is simply standing there, but especially when it is driving and producing its great sound. When finally people get to know BERADINO's fantastic Story told by the protagonist himself, there is an  > emotional overflow < .
BERADINO's Book "Alte Liebe rostet nicht" ( in German ) ,  posters ,  presskit ,  brochures ( in German and English )     -   on demand     -
The best way to get infected by the 'BERADINO-Virus' is to see and watch it 'live'.
Those who don't have this opportunity, can use other ways :  'Magazine Stories' and many 'Videos' you can watch online.

Examples : 
Neuer Text
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