All works have a beginning, great works, too.  -  Sometimes, there is only an idea, at first timid, maybe doubtful ...
Imagine, in 1961, there is a 17 years old young man, who is dreaming of an own supercar
... of a Ferrari ... a Lamborghini ... or a Ford GT40 .

The very young man was aware of his possibilities and that his resources were limited, but his dreams were not.

The more he was concerned with the wonderful dream cars of the period the more he imagined to own such a thing . Many inspirations empowered his dreams ...

> Surely,

the young man was fascinated by the wonderful Italian Design ! <

And indeed, the special car desiring his heart began taking shape ...

The idea, at first timid and a little bit doubtful, has become a vision ...

An initial lets the work start immediately ...
  > You will never have the ability to pay for such a car ! <
The father had a little joinery in Erkelenz ( Rhineland / Germany ) , which was very grounded, surely. 
More and more his dreaming son got on his nerves, so that finally he gave him an advice:

> If you want to have such a car,
you will have to build it with your own hands ! ... <

This advice should put off the son to bring him down to earth ... But the father's words led to exactly the opposite. 
What advise can challenge a dream ?...

The young man had another much more efficient guide: The teenage simplemindedness ... with a different advice:  > OK,  do it ! <  

How this could be put into practice ? ... a good question, surely. But the young man didn't waste any energy to think about it ...

Sometimes there is a long way to go, lined with burning ambition, patience and staying power ...
At the end of the 1960s the young man started his project after a lot of sketching, design works and planning.
At the same time he started studying automotive technology at the Technical University in  Aachen ( Germany ) .

About 7000 working hours in 7 years followed. Apart from the frame in steel tubes and the technical units and details of about 50 automotive models and brands  the most parts of the new car were made of glass fiber. For making these special parts - esp. for the body - it was necessary to build molds, mainly composed of wood and plaster. This is where the builder's feeling in craftsmanship, rooted in his father's joinery, came to effect. Without this "craftsmanship-basis", a project "to build his own car" is hard to imagine.

In 1973 the car was ready to roll out and two years later it was certified roadworthy. 
At that time the car was not really finished yet. However, the studies were ... successful . 

Finally, many years later, from 2009  to 2011, the car was really finished. The "young man" left behind more than 25 years  as a teacher in technical education, and now he is an old-age pensioner. In addition, about 3000 working hours during 2 years were necessary to bring the dream car to the state, the "young man of the 60s"  imagined ...

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There are Key Moments during every work ...
During his first dreams of his own supercar , that he would build by himself, the young man was looking for a "super name" for his project. Good-sounding, sententious, Italian ... Nothing came up for a long time, so that he first started his "project without a name". 

It was on a Saturday in 1968 when he had one of the project's  many key moments. After a long working day he was looking forward to watching the western movie on television coming up every Saturday. However, this day he came too late and could watch only the closing credits; probably, it was the movie > 7 Men From Now < .
But fortunately, he saw the actor's list ... and the name:  > John Beradino <   ... and ... CLICK !  -

in memoriam       John Beradino
This name > BERADINO < delighted him instantly.  -  Till now, he can't imagine a better name for his life project !
Usually great achievements are done by a Team ...
Not with the BERADINO ...

From the idea  -  to the first sketches  -  the planning  -  the construction  -  to the complete workmanship
the project was all done by JP Paulussen himself.

The project's really eminent fact

JP Paulussen
-  acquired his mechanic feeling during the years in his father's joinery 
-  studied automotive technology  at  > Technische Hochschule < in Aachen ( Germany )
-  taught for more  than 25 years as >Dipl.-Ing.<  at  > Berufskolleg Neuss <

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